Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

-Albert Einstein

Welcome to The Little Lemonade Stand where I’ll be serving up an ice cold, bittersweet concoction of what life’s like raising a family while being sick.

When I set out to write this blog my intention was solely to focus on how I became a successful REALITY television producer. I wanted to share my accomplishments as well as my failures in hopes of giving you the advice I so badly needed when starting out. However, two paragraphs into my first blog post, it occurred to me,  I’ve spent most of my adult life working behind the scenes in REALITY TV, where people are REAL (for the most part) emotions are raw and audiences tune in weekly hoping to justify the drama in their own lives.

And although molding the story lines that went into some of your favorite shows was second nature to me, excepting My own REALITY was a whole other challenge. Just as I’ve spent many years producing stories that others can identify with, it’s time for me to open up and share my journey in hopes of reaching others out there who desperately need to know they’re not alone.

Throughout this blog I will share:

  • When I first noticed something was wrong physically.
  • The endless doctors and tests I endured before being diagnosed.
  • How and when  I was diagnosed with Lupus and IBD.
  • The symptoms and pain I manage on a daily basis.
  • How friends and family began treating me once I got sick.
  • The challenges I face raising two young boys.
  • The guilt I battle daily.
  • How I handle the physical changes in my appearance.
  • The amazing products that have made my life easier.
  • The gratitude list I acknowledge everyday.
  • And the importance of having your own personal mantra, mine being, “you’re not allowed to quit!”