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REALITY Check #3

In dating…

Neither cadence nor compassion can be expressed through a text, to fully engage is to turn off your phone and listen to what’s being said.

In love…

Let your kindness and generosity be a gift that is selfless in nature. The moment you begin to give in hopes of receiving, is the moment your love becomes conditional.

In life…

No matter how shitty you feel, it’s nothing that a glass of wine, hunk of chocolate or sloppy dog kiss can’t fix.



-Erin D.


REALITY check #2

In dating…

Dating can be difficult especially when you’ve a laundry list of qualities you insist on finding in a mate. Throw your list out for at least one night, you may just find a connection with someone you least expected.

In family…

Closed minded parents raise their children to believe in what they believe, well adjusted parents raise their children with the tools to think for themselves.

In friendship…

A friend is someone that’ll always tell you when there’s something stuck in your teeth!

-Erin D.

REALITY check #1

In Television…

When creating, editing or producing a REALITY story line, follow your instinct on what feels right, because no matter how high up you are, there’ll always be someone above you that’ll change it!

In Life…

Guaranteed, you are bound to be served a basket of lemons throughout life, however, YOU are in control of what you make of them!

In Love…

Go easy on your partner, I’ve worked on enough REALITY dating shows to tell you that no one can compete with the romantic gestures created by a TEAM of talented producers!

-Erin D.

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